The Winter Rose Coven

Founded with the dawn of the Early Helladic period in Pylos, The Winter Rose Coven was formed by a collection of witches who were powerful enough to both summon demons and dismiss them. Working together with oracles and mystics to govern and guide the area away from darkness, Winter Rose made a manifesto of salvation that would last for the rest of natural time. They would come to recruit any witch powerful enough — or supernatural being who could then be taught and gifted with magic — to keep the balance not just of nature but the universe at large. With other worlds, other planes of existence wanting to urge and push around creation, it was the best bet. They set out around the world, building clusters and small communities, buying land and building estates over the millenia, to act as safety points and keystones of shelter for the world.

For five millenia they worked quietly, in shadows. There were others who countered them, who tried to create troubles and stress. Covens who were powerful but couldn't overrun Winter Rose's collection of the elite worldwide; eventually even organizations, people who meant better or worse but never fully understood. The Armory, Triad Industries, even little schools whose graduates felt they were better fits. But none of them lasted. Dust to the wind each and every time, until the strikes grew rapid, strong, and by the turn of the 21st century there was only one member left: Eleutherios 'Theo' Lee.

The Mutt of Hybrids

Crown Star Coven

28 witches stood together rattling bones and stones against one another; one withered hand tossed sand to the fire as another young, battle worn finger pointed out toward the glow of stars growing overhead. This was the first meeting of the bloodlines that would come to create the one linear family through generations and generations to come: The Crown Star Coven (天曐). A mixture of celestial, natural, ancestral and even a few dark witches, the Crown Star Coven became known for their shamastic habits and their druid-like ability to adapt and channel whatever magic was resourceful around them; this has kept them flowing through the countries they inhabit, from China to Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan. They move all energies of the universe to channel into magic: life force (chi), nature, empathy, the stars, and so on. They do not function as one singular family line but many that work together, creating a community which remains headed by one singular and powerful witch — usually one from a mix of bloodlines, the way Theo's own family is; this is why his own sister is the slow-aging witch who currently runs the Coven.

Deep Water Pack

One of the original werewolf clans in the world, Deep Water was born of the first werewolf in Asia: a caveman from the area now known as Deep Water Bay who was taken over by the spirit of a wolf killed nearby to become the first wolf god. This was nearly a million years ago, making the Deep Water Pack one of the seven original clans and, by a long shot, one of the oldest still functioning in coherent heirarchy.

Theo's direct bloodline is descendent of the original hybrid: a coming together of werewolf and fox immortal. Through the generations, only 17 other true fox immortals have been born, giving them all the nature of new hybrids each time. The rest of the bloodline, typically, takes on some form of supernatural. All are shifters in one manner or another, but some are dragons, some are werewolves and some are wererabbits.