STRONGER, at the broken places
A Sors — or, a semi-divine being of fortune, wealth and luck — makes Tobias long lasting but fragile. His good luck keeps him alive and he is immortal only so much as he cannot die from natural causes. For this reason, he and Theo became very good friends, with Theo protecting him and Tobias always helping the young immortal find safety around. They are the same age, oddly enough, but met in Seoul in the late 80s. He now runs his own Private Equity Firm.
107 year old vampire who Theo met in the 70s, still new to his immortality. He didn't know the depth of trouble in Sebastian until a decade later when he had to respond to a ripper who turned out to be Sebastian; he helped Sebastian come down from his bloodlust and taught him to regulate himself, becoming friends for the rest of eternity as far as they're both concerned. They share a platonic love that is nearly impossible to measure. Sebastian works as an art dealer.
River and Theo were classmates when they were younger and matured in similar timeframes until their immortality kicked in. Theo has always had a soft spot for him and likes to act like a boyfriend, but he knows he's more like a puppy dog at River's command. He's a fierce little dancing sprite and works as an event planner for enviornmental organizations and charities despite his talents. He never got the training he wanted, anyway... and he has forever to try that out.
A water jinn known in some parts of the world as a Marid, Samuel is a tempest spirit whose emotions run high and low as tides under the moon. He's indebted to serve five hundred years of granting wishes and trying to teach lessons, but he spends most of his time getting caught up falling in love and being mistreated. His fear of what comes after he's released — rumored to be a kind of death into peace — keeps him refusing wishes that would free him from his duties.