I. living mutt

theo's eyes glow vivid shades of blue when he's using any of his more powerful feral gifts. from senses to trying to shift or overpower another, his only real physical change without altering his form is this fox-fire manifestation within his irises.

his eyes are also the first thing to weaken should theo take a while between true feeding. while he can sustain day to day off spare energy he absorbs from crowds and energetic places, he does need real sustenance from a willing body sometimes. when hungry for energy, his eyes weaken and his vision goes insanely poor. he has lots of glasses for this.

his fox-fire, like any other fox immortal or kitsune, is unique unto him. the energy is a vividly glowing blue that can manifest as smoke, plasma, lightning or pure fire itself, though it does not burn as normal fires do. this energy he generates can be used to enslave, absorb, seduce or create unbreakable bonds with another living creature.

he's well aware of the fact that he has a soulmate he's bound to out there, as his one curse requires true love to wake him from slumber any time he's put down. all his life, he's had unfinished dreams, reaching out across various cities, landscapes and eras, trying to find the hand that belongs in his.

fangs & claws are razor sharp; unbreakable, as are his tails. in other forms, such as avians with talons and beaks, theo retains his razor sharp and durable nature.

his magic sustains from the energy he absorbs and generates, making him vastly more capable of a spell caster than even witches much older than him. theo spends most of his time studying to hone this skill; he has written several grimoires and textbooks for supernatural scholastics and does occasional adjunct work at various universities and academies around the world.

II. fiddled toys

a mechanical geek who uses all his gifts when and where he can, theo has a large collection of vehicles. his three babies, however, are: his '15 honda nm4, his '59 cadillac deville and his '95 mclaren f1. every vehicle he owns (nearly 46 in total) runs on engines that supercharge, fuse and diverse muon and tau particles to create abraham-lorentz force which propels, accelarates and even provides protective flight from the vehicles when he wants it. that means no gas, ever, or charging up from anything but the engine spark and the ability to fly.

theo's right forearm is marked with the winter rose itself while the inside of his left bicep holds his moonflowers, or devil's trumpets, which mark the nature of his spell working. his right ribcage is marked by the deep water coven while his left thigh bears the symbol of his balanced immortality. both vessels are a gesture of his yin-yang balance. all tattoos are spelled to only be visible to supernatural beings; not even fellow witches can see them without a touch of blood from some supernatural class of species in their bloodline.

he likes to build various little helpers and robots who stay in all the various winter rose estates to guard, monitor and alert theo to any changes or needs for the locations. they are fully capable and all project holograms when needed, but some are defensive machinery, some are offensive weaponry and some just help to clean or organize places. there's not really anything he doesn't tinker with.

III. personal affairs

theo has three main cats who are sort of ancestral familiars; that is, they were members of winter rose in one way or another who now act as spokes people to the dimensions that house the spirits of their lines or duties. jimothy is the only stranger, one whose identity is blurred by death and is now without real memories of life or location. nathanael and flosette are older companions who speak on behalf of western asia and europe's coven spirits.

has spent his life training in various fighting styles, both weapon and hand to hand. so, he's well versed in: aikido, ba gua, bojutsu, boxing, capoiera, dambe, eskrima, fencing, gatka, hapkido, hwa rang do, hung gar, jeet kune do, juijitsu, karate, kendo, kenpo, kobudo, krav maga, kyudo, kuk sol won, laamb, mau rakau, muay thai, ninjitsu, parkour, sambo, savate, shaolin kung fu, shorin ryu, silat, taekwondo, tahtib, taijiquan, varma kalai, wing chun, and zulu stick fighting. he is also a talented acrobat, gymnast and aerialist, having trained with circuses and in olympian classes.
  — received numerous trophies & prizes in various tournaments over his lifetime.
  — tactical driving, marksmanship & weapons master

before becoming the king of winter rose, theo really only owned two small homes: portland was his main home, and comfortable, but he also stayed in st. lucia now and again while touring through europe for fun. now he maintains more estates than he likes and the only positive is no longer having to pay for storage facilities; he got to move his things into the various homes and runs only a few as bed and breakfasts for supernatural beings when he's in the area.

financially, theo is an idiot. thankfully he befriended a powerful witch who works with numerology and divine readings. she runs a hedgefund and handles his money now, keeping him very, very well off over the decades, and she's groomed others to do the same. the only investments theo has made himself give great dividends, though; .03% of alphabet inc., .006% of apple, .0025% of applied materials, and .005% of ecolab. he has a total of about $600 million in savings, stocks and bonds.

IV. past lives

1640 — 1662; Real Life immortality changed everything, once death came knocking at his door.

1663 — 1724; King Captain Ulysses

1725 — 1745; Ciel Lee Blacksmith & Silversmith

1746 — 1775; August Lee Apothecary & Carpet-Bag Maker

1790 — 1830; Mordecai Drayman, Vagabond

1844 — 1882; Henry Lee Miliner & Whitesmith

1883 — 1926; Kuno Lee Tavern Keeper

1927 — 1952; John Lee Goldsmith & Lector

1953 — 1975; Neon Lee Activist

1976 — 1988; Jeno Lee migrated to busan where he found work as a fisherman drifting to seoul and running a bar for a couple of years; it was named crooked king and stayed open for just a short while after he sold it to some locals.

1988 — 1997; Sunny Lee sunny lived in london as a session's guitarist and drummer for a few years before migrating over to paris where he ran a bakery and cafe until his apparent death, upon which his best worker inherited the place and has since turned it into legacy with two locations in the city now.

1997 — 2008; Ryan Lee ryan ran a garage and customs shop in brazil for a while, then opted to make a move to cuba where he mostly just survived off odd jobs as a dish washer or delivery boy. it was a life on the mostly quiet run, trying to avoid being taken down like the rest of winter rose.

2009 — incumbent; the running had to end and so too did the living in secrecy. it took a massive final stand and the last few members of winter rose perished, but theo persists; he has yet to find anyone willing to join the coven but, he does his best to keep the duty going and finds help where he needs to. in this time, he's had work as an author, an adjunct professor and as a stunt man and stunt driver on various films.